Thursday, December 08, 2005

Circus Crew

Here's an oldie that I gave a face lift to. No more crakle paint after this...I promise!


Uncle Phil said...

awesome stuff.. Are you going up to the city over the holidays? I'm gunna try and see the King of Beers over new years.

And did ya notice we got linked on Drawn!. Tim brownie would be sooo proud.


ho11z said...

Man! Who are you? Your stuff is awesome. More, please...

Anonymous said...

im in love
(That´s my crying noise...i´m particular..yap!)
i really falled in love with your work...Congratulations!

Virginia Valle said...

Hello Ryan ;) welcome to blogger y really beautiful stuff you have here,tomorrow I will add your link mine list.

Mike Owens said...

When I am finished typing this, I will be looking at your drawings, holding both of my hands above my head, pinky and forefingers extended, rocking my head back and forth while making guitar noises with my mouth.


Cuz You fuckin rock!