Friday, December 30, 2005

Fun and Game

I know it's not the first little goth girl ever created. But I just love dressing her up in little goth dresses ;)


Sean Kirkpatrick said...

Hey dude, I saw your art and threadless and wanted to know if you pick up any freelance work. Please send me and e-mail at



the designs and colur are excellent very inspiring i just started up so I'll bookmark you.

lus said...

i like your works a lot!, i am always visiting your "place" to see new thanksss, and happy new year!!

N.R. said...

Would you be okay with me putting up a link to your blog on mine?

I absolutely love your work!

If you're alright with it just leave me a comment over on my blog.

Take care and keep up the amazing work!

Virginia Valle said...

Ryan beautiful work like alwyas :) I love your work truly inspirational :)